Shopping Assistant

There are many people living locally who are isolated through disability or lack of transport but they still want to access vital life services such as shopping or banking.
 Shopping Assistants are w​orth their weight in gold!
Shopping Assistants not only provide assistance with shopping. They support disabilities such as visual impairment and mobility issues. They give clients freedom of choice, to choose their own shopping and gifts, do their banking, post parcels, etc..
Shopping for a neighbour, friend or​ family member is a great thing to do, but it can also isolate them more and they can lose their motivation to attend to their own affairs. They also can't surprise anyone if they have to put a gift on a list.
Our shopping assistants meet every week, in Grantown on a Tuesday morning and at Tesco, Aviemore on Thursday mornings.
You do not have to commit to every week - we recognise that people have busy lives of their own to live. By adding your name to our pool of shoppers you will make a huge difference to vulnerable people in your local community.
To find out more please contact Victoria on 01479 810004 or email