“I can go and do my shopping and visit my friends – and this is good for old people who can no longer drive. The drivers will help with the shopping – they are all so helpful.” (Client)

“Using the Car Scheme means we can continue to live here. Without the Car Scheme, I don’t know what we would do.” (client)

“We can do all the things we want to do because of what you do.” (Client)

“It takes the worry out of trying to get her somewhere.” (Parent of client)

“I get independence, assistance to shop (which aids independence) and it enables me to be a useful member of various community groups. I am involved with VIP group, Access Panel and BSCTC” (Visually impaired client and BSCTC director)

“I would be struggling on my own. It has made all the difference to me.” (Car Scheme client)

“It gives me peace of mind that I can get there.” (Car Scheme client)

“If I had gone on the train it would have been a round trip of five hours – there are no buses, but the Car Scheme took me there and back, and there was no waiting around.” (Client)

“I get every help I need, and I get very nice people doing it.” (Client)

“Rewarding that I can help people and it gives me something to look forward to every week” (Volunteer)

“It’s a great pleasure! I just love having the crack with people. Most of the time it makes me happy, but sometimes it makes me sad – because I don’t like leaving them.” (Volunteer)

“I get friendship and personal satisfaction” (volunteer)

“It has been great for me. I don’t know what I would have done without it. I’ve made some good friends” (volunteer, recently widowed)

Music Quotes

“It takes me out for the afternoon, and when you live on your own it allows you to chat to people. As you get older you could just sit in a chair, so the music afternoon makes you go out and meet people.” (Client)

“I love them, terrific musicians, I have fun and the teas are wonderful”

“Lovely, enjoy the music, meeting people and love the eats” (client)

“I do it because I enjoy older folks company, and like to make their time with us more enjoyable.” (Volunteer)

“We meet all together – a lot of folk we haven’t seen for ages. We see people getting better if they’ve been hurt or bereaved.” (client)

“Its exercise, it keeps you mentally alert and it’s a social event – you meet new people all the time. “ (client)
Trolley Troupers

“We love meeting other people, and enjoy the kindness and consideration of the volunteers.” (clients)

“A lot of pleasure helping people. I don’t want to let the client down - a good friendship has been struck up.” (volunteer)

“I get a lot of damned cheek out of it and I enjoy it. Also having a good blether with all the shoppers.” (volunteer and client)

“It’s an outing, very expensive though (tongue in cheek). It’s very nice to be able to get down there (to the supermarket). “ (client)

“I love it, it’s an outing, you meet lots of people and the helpers are so friendly and super.” (client)

“While I’m able I just want to give something back to the community – one day I may need it myself.” (volunteer)

“I like this, a rare day and you know you are going to get everything at once. The helpers are very good – its lovely that they give up their time for us. The taxis are super and not too expensive.” (client)

“I don’t know what we would do without all this help.” (client)
Bus Quotes

"It enables me to help maintain my independence, and should be extended" – (client)

"It gets me oot and aboot" – (client)

"It enables me to get out more within my budget. I wouldn't be unable to do the things I do if I had to use taxis" - (client)