connecting carers

At Connecting Carers we work with unpaid carers every day and have learned a great deal from them.  We use this knowledge, and our position as the Highland Carer Centre, to ensure that unpaid carers in Highland are not caring alone, that they are acknowledged and supported and that they have access to the information they need to enable them to carry out their caring role.



​Tel: 07850 794568   10am - 4pm

dachaid (care at Home)


Tel: 01540 662 356



Community Contacts- ‘A Helping Hand with Self-Directed Support (SDS)’
We are an independent organisation offering impartial advice, information
and support about Self Directed Support
. We do this by offering ‘A Helping
Hand with Self-Directed Support (SDS)’
Our aim is to help people to design and manage their own supporting a confident and informed manner but with the re-assurance of knowing that we are there to help them if they need us and that we do this in partnership with others including the local Social Work Department and community
We can help reduce feelings of uncertainty or isolation by providing
opportunities to make valuable connections with other organisations or groups who can provide specialised help and support. We can facilitate
opportunities between people to enable experiences and knowledge of SDS to be shared
We can provide access to ClickGo a web-based tool that can be used on a
computer, tablet, phone or laptop that enables people to manage their lives
and their support by the touch of a  button.
Through sharing fact based information, advice and support we aim to assist people to exercise their rights and to take as much choice and control as they want about how their support is organised, managed and delivered. Through the same ethos, we work with others to make connections so that people have more opportunities to participate in their community and wider society

Phone :-  07812 000249