No Exceptions was established by a group of 4 counsellors working in the Highlands, who identified a need for a counselling service that was strictly confidential, free at point of access, widely available and open to all
We believed that local NHS waiting lists for psychological services of 18-24 months were inappropriate for those in crisis, possibly influenced the higher than national average suicide rates in Highland…….and we wanted to do something about it.
We were also aware that counselling for the LGBT community had recently been withdrawn; the NHS limiting its support to blood borne virus work only. Knowing the impact of gender and sexuality issues in this area, particularly with old-fashioned, negative attitudes and ignorance, we felt it important to re-establish a service for this group of people who regularly meet discrimination.
The counsellors also felt that it was time for an inclusive service and reflective of the society we currently live in.


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​Tel: 01667 459 300