Lets Get On With It Together or LGOWIT is a unique partnership of organisations who are motivated to work together to deliver a comprehensive approach to Self Management for people living with long term conditions.  

Self Management for people with long term conditions is a means to ensure that remain in control of their lives, working in partnership with and not in isolation from or subject to health care professionals. 

What makes this project unique is the partnership of agencies and the effectiveness of their joint activity. LGOWIT partners currently  include Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, Arthritis Care, Lead Scotland, the MS Society, Highland Third Sector Interface, University of the Highlands and Islands, NHS Highland, Highland Council, Living it Up, Able Care, Connecting Carers and an individual living with a long term condition.

Successful self management is about working in partnership with your family, friends, volunteers, peers as well as professionals to find the best route to your wellbeing. While your health professional will be knowledgeable in the field of medicine you are the expert in how you are. Only you know how it affects your life, and what matters to you in your life.  

Being diagnosed and living with a long term condition can create a sense of loss of control. Often there is no simple cure.  How you feel can be influenced by many factors including lifestyle, environmental, psychological factors and how well you are supported, or not.

Long term conditions are medical conditions that a person has lived with for an extended period of time.  They include conditions like diabetes, chronic pain, asthma, arthritis, depression, heart failure and multiple sclerosis. They have many causes and their symptoms can be variable.

Living better withg a Long term condition:-  Aviemore Group

Meets third Thursday of each month.   St Andrews Church Hall, 2pm - 3.30pm 

C/O Highland Third Sector Partnership
Thorfin House
Bridgend Business Park
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01349 807061     mobile for Roy:-  07454 946957